Phambili Energy's technology offers various value-add solutions to owners of biomass, rubber, paper and plastic waste such as forestry companies, agricultural concerns, wastewater works, landfill sites, sawmills, municipalities and Working-for-Water/Energy/Fire programmes, etc. but it also offers in combination with the Jenga Eco-PowaStove, jobs in rural areas, green economy participation, poverty alleviation, energy security, service delivery and dignified households with access to energy, lights, no indoor pollution.

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Musa Msimango
Founder & Co-CEO

Musa has a Mechanical Engineering and Organic Agriculture background. His main focus and passion are in the Entrepreneurial space. He has the excellent ability to connect the dots, utilising his extensive frame of reference which developed as a direct result to his exposure to various businesses. 

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Victor van Zyl Taylor Founder & Co-CEO

Victor has an extensive Franchise Businesses background and has developed various software solutions for the CSIR, SPAR and the Department of Science and Technology.  He has 20 experience in the Renewable Energy field, both in Research and Development and Commercial applications.  

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Niël Pretorius
Founder &
Chief Operating Officer

Niël has a sales and operational background. He is an entrepreneur at heart and is a passionate advocate for renewable energy. Niël was active in Franchise Businesses and is a Customer Relationship Manager specialist.  

Community-based solutions

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