Applications / Solutions

By utilizing the continuous process Pyrolysis Reactor the following goals can be achieved:



1. Eradicate biomass waste (sawdust, chips and bark) in an environmentally friendly manner; 

2. Reduce input costs – procure low-cost electricity from the BCCP; 

3. Increase revenue streams (share in the income of the Charcoal and Bio-Oil sold); 

4. Increase the ROI on their investment; 

5. Increase the yield of usable biomass waste = unallocated resources; and,

6. Decrease the fire hazard of sawdust and chips lying around in heaps; 


Forestry Companies:

1. A large percentage of each tree is not currently utilized; 

2. Increasing revenue & ROI by adding value to the percentage currently discarded; 

3. Decreasing burning unallocated resources;

4. Producing organic fertilizers and increasing positive certification; 

5. Eradication Invasive Alien Plants (IAP’s), more groundwater, more nutrients, sunlight; and, 

6. Creating more jobs and thus reducing poverty and food security.  



1. Extend the lifespan of the landfill (reduce capital expenditure); 

2. Reduce greenhouse gasses produced by the biodegrading of biomass in the landfill;

3. Job creation; 

4. Social upliftment; 

5. Increase the reach of Free basic energy; 

6. Reduction of ambient pollution; 

7. Green economy participation; 

8. Reduce Carbon footprint;   

9. Eradication of Invasive Alien Plants (IAP’s); 

10. Increase groundwater reserve due to the removal of IAP’s; 

11. Improved Service delivery; 

12. Off-Grid electrification (households with electricity, not connected to NEG);

13. Increased Local Gross Domestic Product (GDP); and, 

14. Create additional Municipal income streams.



1. Rather than burning waste, the farmer can use all his agricultural waste to produce products, creating additional      income streams and maximizing his ROI on his crops; 

2. The farmer can create a monthly income stream by selling his production; or, 

3. Can use the charcoal as BioChar, which will have the following benefits; 

• Increase the yield on his crops by between 58% and 100%;   

• Increase the water retention ability of soil (slow release); 

• Increase the nutrient retention of the soil (slow release); 

• Increase the pH balance of the soil, sequester Carbon (CO2)in soil: carbon credits; 

4. Can use the Bio-Oil once it has been refined as liquid fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides;

5. Can use the electricity produced to do irrigation, refrigeration or value-add processes; 

6. Can increase groundwater reserve due to the removal of IAP’s; 

7. Can create additional Jobs; 

8. Off-Grid electrification (households with electricity, not connected to NEG);

9. Increased Local Gross Domestic Product (GDP); and, 

10. Create faster cash flow cycles, and additional income streams and returns.


Rural Communities (with the Jenga Eco-PowaStove): 

1. Create a Village level Gross Domestic product (GDP)- The Community is no longer just a consumer but are now  producing Goods of Value which is exported to the cities; 

2. This export of products (Charcoal, Oil and Electricity) creates Income Streams and positive cash flow into the  community – this pays for the Pyrolysis Reactor project & the Jenga Eco-PowaqStoves, Salaries and other overhead  costs; 

3. This process creates Jobs; 

4. It generates Social upliftment; 

5. It decreases Poverty and Hunger; 

6. It creates new Economic and Green Economy participation; 

7. It reduces the amount of Social Grants required to survive; 

8. The Carbon Footprint is reduced;   

9. There is an eradication of Invasive Alien Plants (IAP’s), increasing Food Security; 

10. There is an increase in Ground Water Reserve due to the removal of IAP’s; 

11. Service delivery is improved; 

12. Off-Grid electrification(households with electricity, not connected to NEG); 

13. Profits can  be invested to create additional economic production; and, 

14. Access to Entertainment, Communication and Education increases.


The Pyrolysis Reactor can be used as a stand-alone solution for various applications but utilized in conjunction with the Jenga Eco-PowaStove offers a number of solutions to off-grid, non-economically active communities 

Musa Msimango:  Co-CEO

What took Mother Nature a couple of million years to do, we do in an 8-hour shift!