The Jenga Eco-PowaStove is a domestic co-generation unit which generates both heat for thermal applications e.g. 4-plate stove, 2-level oven, geyser and space heater (when required) and electricity for 5 lights, Radio, TV, 3 cellphone charges and a little fridge.


The Jenga Eco-PowaStove has been designed to provide all the energy requirements of a single household, both thermal/heat and electricity. There are 621 million people in Africa and an estimated 3.5 million households in South Africa access to electricity. 


No electricity means no lights to do homework with, no charging of cell phones and as a direct result, no access internet and therefore no access to communication, information, entertainment and internet banking, etc.


The old paradigm of a big central power station reticulating power to deep rural areas in Africa is simply not feasible, extending National Electricity Grids (NEG) is simply too expensive and demand too low to justify the expense (see Africa at night satellite image below to see the lack of access to electricity). In effect, we've broken the big power station into a million pieces and have put a micro-power station in every kitchen that generates electricity from the waste heat when cooking.


The number of households a Government can electrify per month is no longer dependant on a 10-year power station build and extending the NEG, if 1000 Jenga Eco-PowaStoves are manufactured per month, 1000 households can be electrified per month. 

621 million people without access to electricity in Africa - see image below

What took Mother Nature a couple of million years to do, we do in an 8-hour shift!