Continuous Horizontal Kiln Exothermic Pyrolysis Reactor

The Pyrolysis Reactor produces 3 distinct products concurrently e.g. BioChar / Charcoal, Bio-Oil and Syngas from a range of input materials e.g. biomass waste (organic waste such as Invasive Alien Plants, veldt grass, forest and agricultural waste, sewage sludge, etc.) or rubber (waste tyres), paper or plastic waste. The yields and composition differ, for instance, the Calorific Value (CV) of the rubber-based Charcoal produced is 31.18 MJ/Kg versus sawdust Charcoal with a CV of 31.05MJ/Kg (A-grade coal has a CV of 27.5+ MJ/Kg. Charcoal produced from waste rubber tyres has an ash content of 11.9% versus charcoal produced from sawdust has a 4.7% ash content (see SABS test done under "Pyrolysis Products" tab). Bio-Oil produced from rubber has a high sulphur content versus Bio-Oil produced from sawdust with low sulphur content.


Phambili Energy will execute a number of tests during June / July 2019 on products produced by their Pyrolysis reactors based in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape and Mandini, Kwa-Zulu Natal with the following input materials: Sawdust, Sewage sludge, Macadamia Nuts (to be further processed into Activated Charcoal / Carbon), Garden Greens, various Invasive Alien Plants species, Duff-coal, Rubber and Plastic.   

Pyrolysis Reactor infographic

PyroProcess Infographic-1.jpg